Improve Security

Why Passwordless

Passwordless authentication reduces risk and improves user satisfaction.
Current authentication methods deliver poor security, sub-optimal user experience, and increase support costs.


of hacking related breaches used either weak or stolen passwords

- Verizon Data Breach Report 2017

12.6 mins/week

Average time spent entering or resetting passwords per week per employee

- Ponemon Identity Report 2019


of helpdesk calls are for password resets

- Gartner research


support cost is password resets

- Gartner research


Preparing your business to eliminate passwords


Eliminate all of the password-based attacks, including phishing, credential stuffing, etc.

User experience

Sign in to applications and services faster. There are no passwords to create, store, or remember.

Total cost of ownership

Dramatically reduce IT support team costs from password resets.


What is passwordless authentication?

Passwordless authentication is a process that verifies a user's identity with something other than a password. It strengthens security by eliminating password management practices and the risk of threat vectors. Credential reuse attacks remain the leading driver for the elimination of passwords.


Implementing passwordless authentication

Zalter AKAS creates and sends one-time codes to the user and then utilises an asymmetric key message authentication code mechanism to ensure request authenticity.